Hello again. I'm JJ, but you may know me by apropos (among other names) on the Internet.

I'm currently a third-year student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, majoring in Mathematics with some Linguistics and Computer Science on the side. Previously, I lived on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and was a captain of the local FIRST robotics team.

I'm passionate about decentralized and resilient systems, computer security, linguistics, and general mathematics. I'm also broadly interested in programming language theory, and have grown particularly interested in type theory: finding it to be a nice intersection between a good number of my interests. In my spare time, I enjoy ice skating, playing ultimate frisbee, folding origami, capturing flags, reading books, and (occasionally) rock climbing.

I'm also a hobbyist programmer, skilled at Nim, Rust, and Java, sufficiently proficient in Racket, Python, and C, and currently learning Haskell, Agda, and TypeScript. Most of my projects are created in one or more of those languages. If you're interested, several projects are available here on my website, with the rest having taken up residence in the depths of my GitHub profile (with some on SourceHut).

If you're looking to contact me, feel free to reach out over email to jj [at] toki.la.

If you're looking to hire me, you may be interested in my resume (also available as a PDF).


This website is based off of the websites of Cat Zeng, Leonora Tindall (2020), and Simon HĂžjberg.